BNN provides all Capital required for asset acquisitions and development.  We also Design, Build, and Operate all of our facilities. 

BNN Operations
Effluent Resources
Fresh Water and Storage Resources
  • Big Lake

    Renewable Solution for a Dry West Texas Area. Our Big Lake facility is current providing large volumes of water to a key operator in the Permian play. While this volume is committed for years to come, this facility can be used as an example of what BNN can provide to our clients throughout Texas. BNN can typically have a facility operational within 30 days of a commitment. Please Contact Us if you have an area of need in the Eagle Ford or Permian.

  • Big Lake Effluent Pipeline

    BNN owns and operates a 13.5 mile pipeline that serves a major operator in the Permain Basin. This pipeline has the ability to deliver up to 9000 barrels of water a day, and we have contracts in place to serve our client for the next few years.

  • BNN Great Plains

    Disposal facilities in the Powder River Basin

  • BNN Western

    62 miles of pipeline along with fresh water ponds storage of 2,400,000 BBLs, and (3) disposal wells.  

  • Centerville

    Coming Soon - 1,600 BBL/d Capacity

  • Jourdanton

    Coming Soon - 8,000 BBL/d Capacity

  • Karnes City

    Sustainable Water Source with Large Storage Capacity in the Eagle Ford. BNN’s Karnes facility is capable of providing sustainable source water to Operators and Service companies in high volumes. With over 375,000 barrels of storage at Karnes, BNN can serve as turn-key solution for drill programs in our service area. The facility provides the option of moving water via temporary surface transfer with easy access off of Highway 123.

  • Kilgore

    Coming Soon - 35,000 BBL/d Capacity

  • Nixon

    Coming Soon - 3,500 BBL/d Capacity

  • Poteet

    Coming Soon - 10,000BBL/d Capacity

  • Recycling

    BNN is currently recycling produced and flowback water under a long term agreement for our client in the DJ Basin's Wattenberg Field.  The treatment train is a three step process that will be utilized to remove total suspended solids (TSS) and bacteria, without the use of any chemicals.

  • Stockdale

    Coming Soon - 2,000 BBL/d Capacity

  • Tenaha

    Coming Soon - 1,600 BBL/d Capacity

  • Wilson County Fresh Water

    BNN Energy has over 7,500 Acre Feet of water (per year) available for oil and gas operations and municipal use throughout the counties of Karnes, Dewitt, Gonzales, and Wilson within the Eagle Ford Shale in Texas. The water can be delivered via temporary transfer or permanent pipeline depending on the volume and duration of the need. Acequia also provides over 500,000 barrels of surface storage.

    For Additional Details, Water Sales, or Program Planning please Contact Us with the location information and volume required. We will respond as soon as possible with a solution for your water needs.